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Bilton Arts: Musical Instruments


Recently built


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guitar pics

Handmade Musical Instruments

008acoustic bass viol.jpg

Beautiful and tonally rich sound is built into each instrument.

Every instrument is one of a kind.

0010blue birch snare drum.jpg

While many drum builders use prefabricated shells, each Bilton Drum is handmade, one at a time.

Purple violin 1.jpg

All of these are original instruments, designed and built by Chris Bilton.

0015pitched tube toms.jpg

Bilton Pitched Toms. 6" diameter.

005sixstring flat bass.jpg

Six String Bilton Flat Bass

Custom work accepted.

0011Blue Violin 1.jpg

Blue Bilton Violin

0012walnut upright electric bass.jpg

Bilton Walnut Electric Upright Bass

001electric violin.jpg

Bilton Electric Violin - This was designed in 1992.

004fourstring flat bass.jpg

Four String Bilton Flat Bass

0013jazz archtop.jpg

Bilton Archtop Guitar

Custom work accepted. Contact us.

006diamond motif snare drum.jpg

Bilton Snare Drum

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